Russell & Lea, Inc.’s Game-Changing Outreach Model

Is your current marketing strategy making the kind of impact you need to really get moving? Is it gaining traction in the marketplace, building visibility, drawing in new and repeat business, and generating measurable outcomes for you?

At Russell & Lea, Inc., we recognize how difficult it is to set your brand apart from others in a crowded and noisy setting. It’s especially challenging to break through the overwhelming clatter of online marketing.

That’s why we specialize in event-based sales campaigns. Our approach brings companies and buyers together in ways that matter. We’re driven by the Russell & Lea, Inc. guiding principles, which bring integrity, excitement, and professionalism to our every effort. Let our team bolster your success by establishing an on-site presence and meeting consumers not only where they’re at, but when they’re already eager to buy. We’ll transform your product into a household name.

Leading the Way With Russell & Lea, Inc. Core Values

Creative and Strategic Brilliance

We hire only the most talented and professionals to join the Russell & Lea, Inc. team. Our organization is filled with individuals who have the instinct for using transformative advertising methods and pushing brands into new markets. The collective skills and insights of our people form the basis of our sparkling reputation. Leverage their brilliance for your brand.

Meaningful Rapport That Resonates with Consumers

Our Russell & Lea, Inc. associates are expertly trained to forge personal bonds with the people most interested in your product. With clarity and enthusiasm, we make it easy to see how your brand will satisfy their individual needs and desires. Our influence leaves a permanent impression in their minds, and they can’t help but come back for more.

Intense Perseverance

No other organization can compete with the energy and zeal we’ll infuse into your promotion. We empower our campaign managers to think in new ways and take the right risks, eliciting unconventional ideas that yield superior outcomes. Fusing their passion with high-level business savvy, it’s no wonder we consistently break records in our field.

Creativity That Transcends the Status Quo

At Russell & Lea, Inc., we reject convention. The last thing we want is to fall into the norm or to depend on boring, old-fashioned advertising methods. That’s why we embrace change and encourage inventive thinking to produce fresh and unprecedented solutions. It’s all about originality. If you also prefer to take the paths less traveled, you’ll love partnering with us.


Professionals Inspired by a Vibrant Vision

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Careers That Flourish and Satisfy

Enough about us … we want to hear all about you! We’ve grown from handling one account to representing dozens of brands, and so we are facing a rising demand for campaign managers. If you are a highly capable individual who is eager to thrive in the world of event-based promotions, you’ve found your new professional home. Click on to find out how you’ll fit right in.


A Collective Industry Force

Sit back and relax, because there’s no firm better than Russell & Lea, Inc. We have experienced immense success promoting products in industries as diverse as health and beauty, gourmet foods, automotive, and personal care. Our people are masters at producing mind-blowing events by leveraging unbridled imagination wherever they work.

Every promotion we deliver is a reflection of our commitment to learning and growth. We match all our new hires with senior team members to ensure individualized attention, and to capture the ideal balance of fresh thinking and wisdom. In this way, we facilitate collaboration and guarantee excellence for your product.

We know how to make waves anywhere. We’re also proud to contribute to every city in which we work. As a leader in the event based marketing industry with a progressive company culture, our firm is an amazing place to build a career.