Achieving Professional Growth During Our Commutes

Achieving Professional Growth During Our Commutes

Around the Russell & Lea office, we’re always looking for the next innovative training method to stay ahead of the competition. We’ve discovered that our daily commutes provide a wealth of potential for learning. With that in mind, we use the following strategies to get as much value as possible from our trips to the office:

• Listening to Podcasts: There’s a vast universe of inspiring and informative podcasts out there. We listen to shows that motivate, educate, and amuse us as we make our way to Russell & Lea HQ. By the time we arrive at our desks, we’re ready to add more value to our workday with the insights we’ve gained through listening.

• Set Priorities for the Day: We also do some planning during our daily commutes, focusing on both short-term goals and the bigger picture. We’re more prepared to have productive workdays thanks to this approach. Beyond that, we’re also more engaged in pushing past our current skill sets to achieve breakthrough success.

• Take Time to Reflect: Often, we just let our minds wander when we’re making our way to work, thinking about past successes and where we can make improvements. Simply being alone with our thoughts leads to innovative ideas we might not come upon otherwise.

We use these strategies to make the most of our commute time. Follow Russell & Lea on Twitter for more of our best professional development tips.