Ashley: A Shining Example of Excellence

Ashley: A Shining Example of Excellence

There’s no dearth of talent on Team Russell & Lea Inc. In fact, we have quite a few people who rise to the occasion when it comes to going the distance. Ashley, our campaign manager, is a perfect example of the type of leader we seek. She’s a true standout thanks to her competitive spirit and determination. She challenges herself every day and gives 100 percent to each task. We’d love to have more team members just like Ashley.

Do you have what it takes to thrive in our industry? If you’ve got a burning desire to see goals through to completion and are open to always learning, we want to talk to you. There are some traits we seek at Russell & Lea Inc – ones that Ashley and other top perform exhibit. See if these describe you:

• Ready to Take the Lead: We’re all about dominating markets, which means we need individuals who are not afraid to be the best and get ahead of the competition quickly and maintain their leads.

• Growth-oriented Mindset: From training to conferences and many other activities in between, our team never stops absorbing new knowledge that lets us grow and advance.

• Thirst for Success: The biggest factor that decides how well someone will do is whether he or she wants to win. People who are hungry for results are those who can achieve them.

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