Communication and Business Leadership

Communication is a core Russell & Lea, Inc. principle. It is one of the key components of effective leadership, and we are committed to honing our communication skills on an ongoing basis. This is how we do so:

  • We Speak Clearly, and With Intention: We practice stating our needs and wants directly and succinctly. Doing so reduces the likelihood of confusion and frustration. The alternative is to beat around the bush, dropping discreet hints never a helpful method of interaction.
  • We Adapt: People have unique methods of communication, which are largely related to their individual personalities. Some of our colleagues like to deal expressly with facts, for instance, while others would rather focus on processes. We do our best to adapt to others’ preferences.
  • We Listen Carefully: Active listening is often treated as an afterthought to effective communication, but the Russell & Lea, Inc. training program has taught us otherwise. By paying close attention to what others say, we show that we value their input. Of course, it’s also a means of preventing missteps and confusion.
  • We Are Upbeat: When things get busy, we know there’s no use succumbing to stress. We stay calm and focused instead. This way, it’s easier to work together and take the steps needed to fulfill our duties.