Effective Public Speaking Made Easier

Effective Public Speaking Made Easier

We recognize the importance of public speaking skills here at Russell & Lea HQ, which is why they’re emphasized in our training program. As we continue working to become effective speakers, we’re learning that the following strategies are invaluable.

One thing we’ve found useful is pausing for a moment before we start delivering our speeches. We prefer to walk on stage, take a deep breath, and then begin our remarks. It’s a simple way to show the audience that we’re confident and ready to educate them.

We’ve also learned that scanning through our audience members, while a commonly shared piece of advice, isn’t a good way to build rapport. Instead of this impersonal strategy, we focus on a few attentive people throughout our presentations. By revisiting these good listeners from time to time, we make individual connections that really add up by the end of a speech.

Slowing our speech is another helpful strategy we use to deliver strong Russell & Lea presentations. We know our nerves are likely to speed us up a bit, so we counteract those effects by consciously taking our time getting to our main points. We’ve found that our audiences will wait for us if we slow down or take a deep breath between sections of our speeches.

These strategies are helping us become more confident public speakers. Get more of our best-presenting tips by following Russell & Lea on Twitter.