We’re Making Our Work Culture Work for Us

We’re Making Our Work Culture Work for Us

We have a results-driven operation here in the Russell & Lea HQ. We work hard each day to create event-based promotions that give brands the lift they need to see measurable outcomes. At the same time, we realize that a positive environment goes a long way to support the ambitions within our team, which is how we realize success. Therefore, cultivating a healthy culture has been one of our firm’s priorities from the start.

Step one to an effective office environment is to get everyone on the same page and working cohesively. Enter our legendary Russell & Lea team night adventures. We enjoy bringing everyone together for some fun and excitement. Our most recent gathering centered around a spirited Fourth of July BBQ. We ate delicious food, laughed constantly, and even set off a few fireworks to celebrate the occasion.

How do these functions improve our workplace? When we socialize, we become more familiar with each other, learn about our shared interests, and even discover some hidden talents. The knowledge we gain about our colleagues supports our collaboration and innovation. We’re happier and more confident in sharing ideas and creating solutions. Our productivity increases as well.

Our supportive environment also extends to the individual level. While we work as a team, each person strives to achieve personal and professional growth on their own terms. By recognizing accomplishments, such as promotions, and offering weekly challenges that give people incentive to rise to the top, we are nurturing a company culture that gives everyone reason to succeed together.

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