Networking With Accomplished People: A How-To Guide

 When we’re working to add to our Russell & Lea, Inc. contact lists, we try not to be distracted by how accomplished a person is. Connecting with high rollers doesn’t have to be intimidating, so we use the following strategies to turn highly successful people into our professional allies:

  • Do Some Research: One of the best things about connecting with influential people is that researching them is pretty straightforward. There’s usually a lot of information available online when it comes to elite achievers. Before a big event, we do our homework so that we’ll have a few small-talk ideas when we get our chance to connect.
  • Mind Our Body Language: We know that to make a favorable impression on a successful individual, our body language needs to project confidence. That’s why we strand straight and tall, making solid eye contact throughout our interactions. We also offer up our best firm handshakes every time we meet a top-flight professional.
  • Practice: Just as we would for a big interview or speech, we practice in front of a mirror so that we’re ready to make an impact on the bigwig in question. This approach has helped us add several influential leaders to Russell & Lea, Inc.’s list of allies.

We use these strategies to make connecting with top professionals a bit easier.