Preparing for a Successful New Decade

Preparing for a Successful New Decade

You can feel the energy in the Russell & Lea Inc office as we prepare for 2020, and a whole new decade of team achievements. We’re thankful to be kicking off the 2020s with our teammates, and for the energizing goals we’ve set for ourselves. Our resolutions for the new year include helping each other, sticking together, and acting as mentors to our colleagues however we can.

When it comes to staying with our 2020 resolutions, we have some clear strategies in mind. One thing we plan to do is discuss our goals in detail every day. Over the years we’ve found that talking about our objectives with teammates, friends, and loved ones is a great way to improve our odds of success. It gives an extra dose of accountability that really pays off in the long run.

For our biggest 2020 targets, we plan to break them into smaller pieces. It’s easier to stay engaged when we have milestones to achieve along the path to long-term success. You can bet that we’ll celebrate every minor victory with our Russell & Lea Inc colleagues.

We’ve got plenty of fun things planned for the new year as well. Team nights, philanthropy events, and conferences are all on our schedule. Every time we come together away from our work roles, we build more momentum toward major wins on the job.

It’s going to be a year to remember for Team Russell & Lea Inc. Follow us on Instagram to get regular updates.