PRESS RELEASE: Russell & Lea Inc’s Second Annual Walk to End Lupus

PRESS RELEASE: Russell & Lea Inc’s Second Annual Walk to End Lupus

COLUMBIA, MD – Russell & Lea Inc leaders discussed the firm’s recent philanthropic effort and the benefits of giving back as a team. The firm’s Director of Operations shared reasons why companies should have clear plans for social impact.

A recent charity walk was the latest example of Team Russell & Lea Inc’s commitment to making a positive impact in the community. This event was the second annual of its kind, devoted to improving treatments while advancing lupus research toward a cure. A long-term autoimmune disorder, lupus can cause severe damage to joints, skin, and major organs. The firm’s brand advocates were moved when they saw a huge turnout of volunteers for last year’s walk, so they decided to make it a yearly event. They’re already looking forward to next year’s edition.

Community involvement has always been at the heart of the Russell & Lea Inc ethos. Team members set aside time from their busy schedules to give back to good causes throughout the year. The rest of 2019 will feature a variety of philanthropic endeavors, designed to improve the lives of people both in the region and beyond.

When they come together to support worthy causes, the firm’s brand advocates become stronger collaborators. People who work alongside each other in an office every day get to see hidden talents and shared interests when they give back to their communities. By the time they return to the office, coworkers are better equipped and freshly energized for winning teamwork.

Russell & Lea Inc’s Director of Operations on Why Businesses Should Have Charitable Plans

Along with building morale in an office, giving back to the community helps businesses retain their top talent. Russell & Lea Inc’s Director of Operations explained that people want to work for companies that are committed to making a difference in the world. Building a charitable legacy helps businesses sharpen their reputations as ideal places to build rewarding careers. Both potential and existing team members can take pride in a firm’s philanthropic commitment.

The firm’s Director of Operations added that frequently supporting good causes can help teams improve key business skills. Russell & Lea Inc brand advocates are adept at solving problems, and they hone these abilities every time they work on behalf of a worthy nonprofit. As they apply their unique skills in fresh contexts, professionals learn to devise innovative solutions they may not have thought of before. When they return to the challenges of event-based marketing, members of Team Russell & Lea Inc have fresh ideas to guide their on-site methods.

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