We’re Ready to Develop Some Fresh Talent

We’re Ready to Develop Some Fresh Talent

It’s an exciting time around the Russell & Lea Inc office, as we continue closing in on our ambitious growth goals. We’re also ready to bring in a new crop of energetic and super-motivated people to grow right along with our firm. If you’re driven to succeed and want to embark on a rewarding career path, check out the Careers page on our website.

“We provide all the hands-on training you’ll need to be successful,” stated a representative from our management team. “Even if you have no experience, our coaching model will help you quickly build confidence as you learn all our processes. Our seasoned brand advocates provide insiders’ perspectives on what it takes to excel in our competitive industry.”

Networking skills are focal points in our training approach. We believe interacting with accomplished people is one of the best ways to develop leadership acumen. Having a solid group of contacts is a good thing for anyone’s career prospects. As our team members add to their Russell & Lea Inc networks, they also refine their abilities to communicate clearly and concisely.

We also encourage our team members to take ownership of their career journeys. Letting our people make their own decisions is one of the best ways to achieve this. We also recognize outstanding efforts so that our brand advocates feel their work is appreciated and that what they achieve is up to them.

It’s a great time to join Team Russell & Lea Inc. Check out our Newswire feed for updates on our hiring efforts and team achievements.