Recognizing Andrew’s Outstanding Performance

Recognizing Andrew’s Outstanding Performance

Putting our top Russell & Lea Inc performers in the spotlight each month is one of our favorite things to do. This time, it’s Andrew who is being highlighted for his hard work and recent promotion. He has risen to the leadership level of our management training program thanks to his positive attitude and determination. Andrew is always willing to go above and beyond for anyone who needs assistance, so we’re sure he’ll be an effective leader.

When asked about his short-term professional goals, Andrew stated that he wants to continue making fast progress through the Russell & Lea Inc management training program. He’s also committed to building his own team and creating more opportunities for growth.

In the long run, Andrew wants to earn enough to support a family and buy the house he grew up in when his father retires. He also has a goal of starting his own business back in his hometown of Salisbury, Maryland. Andrew’s business ideas revolve around soccer analysis, podcasting, and the FIFA video game series.

When it comes to being part of Team Russell & Lea Inc, Andrew most enjoys the supportive work atmosphere. He explained that we all help each other grow and succeed by bringing positive mind-sets to every new challenge. Being surrounded by excited individuals who want to achieve ambitious goals is a daily source of inspiration.

We’re ready to watch Andrew grow into his leadership role. Follow us on Twitter to stay updated on all our dedicated pros.