A Relaxing Retreat for Top Performers

Exciting travel opportunities exist for members of Team Russell & Lea, Inc. An upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic is one of the best incentives we’ve ever put on the line. Those who have crushed their goals will be invited to this all-expenses-paid vacation that runs from August 13 to 16.

On this getaway, attendees will get some needed rest and relaxation. They’ll also be able to network with some of the top performers from across our industry. In the process, they’ll enhance their motivation to keep aiming higher.

We also recognize a few underrated benefits of travel events. When our associates venture away from the office together, they get to know more about each other on a personal level. They even learn about unique talents with which they weren’t familiar before. Our people always seem to return to the office even stronger team players than when they left.

Making the most of the destination is another focal point of each Russell & Lea, Inc. trip. We encourage our team members to get out and explore everything a new place has to offer. Great local restaurants, museums, and natural attractions find their ways onto our schedules pretty much everywhere we go.

The Dominican Republic trip is a fantastic incentive for our associates.