Event Based Marketing Services Unlike Any Other From Russell & Lea, Inc.

You know your product better than anyone else. Russell & Lea, Inc. knows marketing. Let our campaign managers learn all about what you have to offer so that we can fuse our on-site marketing brilliance with your product genius.

We don’t just learn about your business, either. We study your target demographic to identify when, where, and how your audience is most likely to act. This information guides us as we take your brand to its appropriate niche, generating a buzz where it matters most.

In no time at all, word of mouth will spread about your brand because we do what no other marketer will do: we make personal connections.

We aren’t just talking about a handful of people, either. More than 1,000 consumers cross our paths every day, and we’ve seen as many as 20,000 during a single 12-day promotion. With these numbers and our talent, generating revenue for your brand is inevitable.

Russell & Lea, Inc.: Shifting the Marketing Cycle


Our approach allows us to engage with consumers personally and learn more about them – in context – while adjusting to their needs right away. We get buyers even more excited about your product, and influence them to act. Our dynamic interactions add depth to their experiences, translating to greater value for them.


We know how to build early-stage sales fast using a proven approach that gets products to market in record time. We maximize sales and maintain price premiums as a result.


Using new channels of promotion and a unique on-site approach, it’s easy to optimize sales, marketing, and service investments with us. We lower the cost of failure with short feedback loops and powerful distribution networks to vastly outperform the results obtained through traditional media.


With Russell & Lea, Inc. involved, your forward momentum is guaranteed. We’ll thrill consumers, enhance your brand’s reputation, and make market growth a reality.