Simple but Powerful Motivation Techniques

We’re always working to become the best versions of ourselves here at Russell & Lea, Inc. headquarters. Along our road to improvement, we’ve discovered a few reliable strategies for staying motivated. Here are the techniques we apply to stay on the right track.

Pushing ourselves beyond our current skill sets is one effective strategy for keeping our motivation levels high. We know we can’t wait around for someone else to give us a push in the right direction, so we take the initiative to go further with every big project.

Constant learning is a big part of the Russell & Lea, Inc. ethos, which makes it easy for us to pick up valuable new insights on a regular basis. Ongoing education is also highly motivating, because we know our growth will continue into the future. By putting in the effort today to learn new things, we can count on winning outcomes tomorrow.

Finding ways to make the most of the time we have in a day also keeps us motivated. One strategy we’ve found helpful is to carve out windows of time to check and respond to emails. Simple methods like this help us maximize each workday and create momentum toward bigger achievements.

These motivation techniques keep us ahead of the game in a competitive industry.