Simple Ways to Win Every Job Interview

Potential additions to Team Russell & Lea, Inc. need to make sure they do a few things if they want to impress our hiring managers. Here are the reliable strategies candidates can use to make a strong case and boost their chances of getting hired.

The value of a good first impression is incalculable when it comes to a job interview. When candidates are on time and offer firm handshakes, we immediately feel better about that person’s prospects. They can follow up on their initial impressions by maintaining eye contact and open body language throughout the meeting.

We’re also impressed when potential hires are prepared to answer any questions we throw at them. This is especially true when it comes to questions about their weaknesses or challenging situations they’ve faced in the past. The fact that a person is ready to provide insightful answers tells us that he or she is serious about joining Russell & Lea, Inc.

Candidates who emphasize their unique qualities leave a lasting mark on our hiring managers as well. It’s one thing to have lots of experience, but when a person can sell us on his or her special talents and the potential they provide, it’s always impressive.

We remember jobseekers who employ these strategies.