A Stronger Team Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of the most effective methods we’ve found for staying motivated to get important things done. This simple state is all about being relaxed and engaged in the present moment. Here are two of the key strategies we apply to be as mindful as we can be around the Russell & Lea, Inc. office.

Focusing on one task at a time is one key aspect of effective mindfulness. Multitasking spreads a person’s focus too thin and erodes the ability to concentrate. To make this single-minded type of effort a reality, we turn off notifications for email and other updates on our phones. Whenever we feel thoughts of some other priority drifting in, we consciously sweep them away so we can redirect our energies on the task at hand.

Another key mindfulness technique is known as reperceiving. This basically means that we can reframe how we evaluate experiences to see them from an objective point of view. In other words, we see what we’re doing from the perspective of an external witness. Here at Russell & Lea, Inc. HQ, this strategy helps us view our current projects in light of the bigger picture, gaining confidence in our abilities to succeed as a result.

These mindfulness techniques are helping us perform better than ever.