Our Travel Program Fuels Our Team’s Success

Our Travel Program Fuels Our Team’s Success

We make many types of investments in the success of Team Russell & Lea Inc. Along with our immersive training program and ongoing learning options, we send our brand advocates on a range of travel events. Every time they attend a big industry function, our team members return home with new insights to apply in their career pursuits.

Conferences are especially valuable for our brand advocates. They feature training seminars on all kinds of topics, including emerging techniques that are changing our industry. Keynote speeches from top leaders are also common during the conferences our people attend, and they typically include inspiring insights on how to sustain success. There’s also plenty of networking potential at these gatherings. The connections our people forge away from the home office can last a lifetime.

Our travel incentives sometimes include award ceremonies and other types of honors for top performers. These are ideal ways to show our team members the bigger picture when it comes to what’s possible in our business. Our people tend to come back to the Russell & Lea Inc office more inspired to do their best after big events.

Business travelers also learn adaptive skills, which come in handy for those working in our evolving industry. After they learn about other top performers’ paths to success, our team members are better equipped to refine their own methods.

We’re always looking forward to a rewarding travel event. Follow Russell & Lea Inc on Twitter for updates on our team trips.