Use These Winning Strategies to Stay Motivated

Use These Winning Strategies to Stay Motivated

Keeping a high level of motivation is what allows the highest achievers to stay on the successful path. It’s also something we’ve made a way of life around the Russell & Lea office. Here are a few simple strategies we’ve discovered for fueling our motivation.

Focusing on our strengths is one effective method we’ve learned for keeping ourselves in line to succeed. We know what our special talents are, so we focus our energies on making the most of them rather than trying to get past our weaknesses.

Although we do our best to maximize our strong points, we also find great rewards in pushing past our current skill sets. Constant improvement is a core Russell & Lea principle, so getting out of our comfort zones is one of the best ways we’ve found to build upon our unique skills. We manage to discover hidden talents in the process, which keeps us motivated to continue pushing forward.

Celebrating small wins also makes it easier for us to keep our motivation levels high. When we take time to mark a minor victory, we build positive momentum toward greater achievements. Every milestone along the way is a chance to remind ourselves how talented we really are.

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