Winning Habits for Great Leadership

We’ve learned a lot about leadership through our Russell & Lea, Inc. exploits, including the habits that the most effective managers share. Here are the behaviors we’re practicing as we work to become stronger leaders.

Top-flight leaders stay focused on the present moment, never projecting too far into the future. While they certainly have clear goals for tomorrow, they know they need to keep their sights set on what can be done today to achieve success. Just as importantly, the best managers don’t waste time thinking about what happened in the past.

We’ve also found that the best managers take care of themselves through regular exercise and other healthful pursuits. They know that physical activity helps recharge their batteries and clear their minds. We’ve made a point of getting exercise around the Russell & Lea, Inc. office, even if we just have time for a brisk walk or some stretching at our desks.

Meditation is something great leaders practice as well, because they know they need to filter out negative thoughts to set clear priorities. Just 10 minutes of focused breathing each day is enough to get centered and overcome distractions.

By putting these habits into action, effective managers get things done and inspire their team members in the process.