A Winning Work Culture Is Essential

A Winning Work Culture Is Essential

From our first days in business, we’ve always emphasized a supportive and successful work atmosphere around the Russell & Lea Inc office. We maintain a winning culture through a variety of methods, including all kinds of team outings. Our leaders believe that the positive vibes we build through our group activities inform our collaboration on the job.

We foster an open-door policy in which everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas. This begins with our immersive training program, which features one-to-one coaching from seasoned performers. Our newest team members get chances to build lasting connections with colleagues right off the bat. We’re all invested in each other’s success because we enjoy the journey together and tailor lessons to team members’ unique needs.

Ongoing learning is a big part of the Russell & Lea Inc team culture. We use our training sessions to reinforce core values as well, creating a stronger company identity in the process. Healthy competition and innovation are two of the defining principles we focus on as we learn about emerging techniques with our teammates.

The winning atmosphere we’ve cultivated also helps us attract and retain top-flight talent. We know our leaders are committed to helping us thrive, and that our colleagues have our backs. It all adds up to a highly engaged and motivated team.

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